Monday, December 3, 2018

I'd like Playing Yugioh Duel Links Video This is My Best Video on Youtube - Check Now!

I'd very like playing Yugioh Duel Links.. Try to build strongest Deck and Win the Game.. ^_^,

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a free-to-play, digital collectible card game developed by Konami for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android devices, based on the trading card game of the same name.

but Yugioh Duel Link have so many card right now.. and maybe this is very difficult for beginner to build with choice more than million card.. hmmm.. me too maybe.
But.. calm! we will share about our experience to build familliar or maybe strongest deck.. hik hik hik..

You can make creation from our recipe here for free.. :D we very like to share something.. so keep watching ya!

Do you have what it takes to become the King of Games?

#1 Destiny Hero Plasma Deck Aster Phoenix, Vol 1 ( Skill Destiny Calling )[ Yugioh Duel Links ]

"Destiny HERO" (D-HERO, Desutenī Hīrō) is a "HERO" sub-archetype of DARK Warrior monsters used by Aster Phoenix in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, as well as by his alternate universe counterpart in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. Since their debut, they have been believed to be an antithesis to the "Elemental HERO" archetype, as specific cards somewhat resemble certain "Elemental HERO" monsters. - Wikia Here, I'm ready to build this deck be Powerful and decrease chance for miss or bad draw in duel links. Ready for action? really want to know deck of mine.. with Aster Phoenix Char GX World???? let's see this video.

#2 Build Deck Exodia The Forbidden One Yugi PvP[YuGiOh! Duel Links]

If you have "Right Leg of the Forbidden One", "Left Leg of the Forbidden One", "Right Arm of the Forbidden One" and "Left Arm of the Forbidden One" in addition to this card in your hand, you win the Duel. -Wikia But in duel links... there is no box to get this card.. but we can get Exodia with Yugi Granpaa Skill!! We can enjoy to use it.. but calm down, you can more bad draw if you using this. In this tutorial, i will teach u how to build powerful exodia deck with less bad draw.. so happy watching this video

#3 Build Deck Silent Magician Yugi PvP[YuGiOh! Duel Links]

Silent Magician is the best card Yugi Own.. this card can defeat yami Bakura in series.. with LV counter, you can make silent magician until LV8!!! in this tutorial.. i will show you how to build powerful silent magician deck to battle in PvP!!

#4 Build Deck Dark Necrofear Yami Bakura PvP[YuGiOh! Duel Links]

Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by banishing 3 Fiend-Type monsters from your Graveyard. -Wikia in this section... i will show you how to build powerful Dark Necrofear deck to battle in PvP with Yami Bakura Char!!

#5 Build Deck Slifer of The Sky Yami Yugi PvP [YuGiOh! Duel Links]

#AtkurKS #Gaming #YugiohDuelLinks 

Slifer the Sky Dragon, known as Sky Dragon of Osiris in the Japanese version, is a character version of the card "Slifer the Sky Dragon". Slifer appears in the manga and anime, as one of the most powerful monster spirits, the Egyptian Gods. - Wikia

in this section...  i will show you how to build powerful Slifer of The Sky deck to battle in PvP with Yami Yugi Char!!

#6 Build Deck Blue Eyes White Dragon Seto Kaiba[YuGiOh! Duel Links]

#AtkurKS #Gaming #YugiohDuelLinks 

"Blue-Eyes" (ブルーアイズ Burūaizu) is an archetype of LIGHT Dragon monsters used by Seto Kaiba, Kaibaman, Paradox, and Roku. A mysterious woman named Kisara carries the spirit of the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" - Wikia

in this section...  i will show you how to build powerful Blue Eyes White Dragon deck to battle in PvP withKaiba Seto Char!! 

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