⇲ Another Reason - Atkur Kastara ( New Compose Album ) 🎧 for Better Experience

When you confused. Please use Your Headphone for Best Experience WITH Little 24D combination Audio!

Title : Another Reason
Author & Compose : Atkur Kastara
Release : 11 January 2020
Album : New Compose
Genre : Epic, Classic, Beat, Cinematic

BANDCAMP - https://bit.ly/2TrxRFs ^_^

Universe it's very wide, when you thinking about your self... it's too small, yes very small, you like little particle... 

I really hope you enjoy it.  ⇲ Another Reason - Atkur Kastara ( New Compose Album ) 🎧 for Better Experience
This telling about "When you confused.about entity"

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Thanks for Join to My Music World, I hope you Enjoy

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