⇲ Look back on You - Atkur Kastara | Epic Music Edition!

This is New Epic Music Edition!

Hello Friends 💛 Glad you found this music, This Really EPIC! and I really hope you enjoy it. This Project Name is "Look Back on You", i dont know pronounce its right or not.. but that name it's ringing above my head when i produced this Epic Music.. so i'd like to giving name this music Maybe this is best of my creation in epic music edition until this music track release I hope you enjoy If you want to make this on your Project, just give me credit. If for commersial use, you contact me by email for royalty ( through paypal ) Or.. by this bandcamp... give me know your name.. or account you want to use this music.. ^_^ credits released April 13, 2020 Music Title : Look Back on You Created by : Atkur Kastara Release : April 13, 2020 Available on Bandcamp, Reverbnation

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