Haii Yoroshiku Soundtrack Music Album

Hi! I'm Atkur Kastara.

This is My First Soundtrack Album called "Haii Yoroshiku!" maybe you cannot recognize this title.. but I'd like this.

#1. Roman Tigue Orbit

#2. Voice of Distant Feeling

#3. Break the Cycle of Laziness

#4. Moon in the Sky

#5. Melody of Natural Love

#6. Hikase Robot vs Hacker

#7. Planet Agest

#8. Aku Aku Aku kan Melaju

I optimize everything for the soundtrack, for the needs of films and other video shows.

all original made by me.

Release on Youtube - Platform Audio Digital.

You can going to my channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/AtkurKastara

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