Moon in the Sky【ATKUR KASTARA】[ NEW SINGLE SOUNDTRACK ] - Haii Yoroshiku!

This is Story about Moon in the Sky, maybe you can call "Moon in the Dark Sky", this is 4th in Haii Yoroshiku Category / Album.. but this single. This is Epic Music Mix with Beat and some Piano Instrument, also you can find Angklung and Demung Instrument in this My Music Composition. This Moon in the Sky, Original Composed by Atkur Kastara with Love ^_^ *This can make your mind Dancing like a Wind... This Will be a Soundtrack maybe _____________ When you are calm, you will be able to read the situation around you. Learn and Keep Learning, Problems may come and go, but if you keep your calm of mind, you will be able to translate the problem into your mind, then solve the problem. 落ち着いていると、周りの状況を読むことができます。 学び、学び続ける問題は行き来するかもしれませんが、あなたが平穏を保つならば、あなたは問題をあなたの心に翻訳し、そして問題を解決することができるでしょう。 Those problems are there to teach you something, so don't keep blaming yourself. You are a special person, and people who are near you are also special. Everyone has their portions, so don't keep blaming yourself. If indeed is not for you, then will be far away. If is for you, will come closer. The important thing is, calm down, read and keep learning ... so you can find the Truth of Life. _____________

This Music Created on 1 July 2020, this special.. This tone melody somehow crossed my mind when I was busy working on a video editing project. Exactly July 1, 2020, I will try to translate it into music that can be heard. _____________ Track Title : Moon in the Sky Artist / Composer : Atkur Kastara Album Music : Haii Yoroshiku! 4th Release on Youtube : July 1, 2020 _____________ #OriginalMusic Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ►

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