Break the Cycle of Laziness【ATKUR KASTARA】[ NEW SINGLE SOUNDTRACK ] - Haii Yoroshiku!

New Music again "Haii Yoroshiku" Album... after "Voice of Distant Feeling" but Duration of this Music it's very Short, just 2 Minute. I don't know, i don't have more inspiration for make this idea to be long music... I Try to give some melody, but finally that melody it's not match with main IDEA of that music. Why give name this Music "Break the Cycle of Laziness"? Cause, I'm lazy to make music this week, maybe cause I'm too busy working this week. But for some reason those notes floated in my mind, so I wrote them into music. Music that you can listen to right now. I hope this music isn't too bad. 📌Music Title : Break the Cycle of Laziness 📌Artist/Composer : Atkur Kastara 📌Album : 3rd on "Haii Yoroshiku!" 📌Release : 21 / 06 /2020 📌Start Making this Music : 20 /06 /2020 Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► #Music #HaiiYoroshiku

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