Melody of Natural Love 【ATKUR KASTARA】[ NEW SINGLE SOUNDTRACK ] - Haii Yoroshiku!

This Story about Love, I don't know why, but this word choosen randomly in my mind, Maybe.. There is Misspelling here...  'I m Sorry'

actually, at the beginning I wrote this music melody, I gave it the name 'Hiruka Sensei' - Miss Spell 'Iruka Sensei' but it seemed doubtful because what was on my mind at that time was a Naruto character.

So, I changed that name like this... Story of..... ' Natural Love '


'Melody of Nature Love' Original Composed by Atkur Kastara.


💿 Track information:

 📌 Music Title: Melody of Nature Love
 📌 Composer: Atkur Kastara
 📌 Release: July 20, 2020
 📌 Audio Music Link :

Official Spotify :


© Copyright:
Music composed by Atkur Kastara

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