"Haii Yoroshiku!" Music Project [ My Original Theme Music Creation ]

This Project called "Haii Yoroshiku!" this is Original Theme Music Project. Write, Compose, and Publish by Atkur Kastara | Made in Indonesia

Project Started on May, 28 2020

Music theme I created and I released on several music platforms, which can be played to the public. Because this is a theme music model, so we make it based on the story we want to tell.

I have the Story... so I create Theme of that Story.

I'm not focus on just 1 Genre to build up Theme Music, but severals genre, such as Pop (this maybe simple melody and chord), Rock, Electronic, Chill, Orchestra (just little, cause I'm newbee), Classical, Instrumental... but I'd like Pop Instrumental..

💿 Track information:

All this Music Original Written and Composed by Atkur Kastara

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Official Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/track/4UVfu5jNXKWnzgqfdfEddn?si=8kU9hIMwS9CrqbL8Eo_VSQ

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😊 You can listen to more of my original work in the playlists below

or My Official Youtube Music Channel


Melody of Natural Love 【 ATKUR KASTARA 】 [ Original Theme Music / Official Audio Music ]

This Story about Love, I don't know why, but this word choosen randomly in my mind, Maybe.. There is Misspelling here...  'I m Sorry'

actually, at the beginning I wrote this music melody, I gave it the name 'Hiruka Sensei' - Miss Spell 'Iruka Sensei' but it seemed doubtful because what was on my mind at that time was a Naruto character.

So, I changed that name like this... Story of..... ' Natural Love '

Moon in the Sky 【 ATKUR KASTARA 】[ Original Theme Music / Official Audio Music ]

This is Story about Moon in the Sky, maybe you can call "Moon in the Dark Sky", this is 4th in Haii Yoroshiku Category / Album.. but this single.

This is Epic Music Mix with Beat and some Piano Instrument, also you can find Angklung and Demung Instrument in this My Music Composition.

This Moon in the Sky,  Original Composed by Atkur Kastara with Love ^_^
*This can make your mind Dancing like a Wind...

Break the Cycle of Laziness 【 ATKUR KASTARA 】 [ Original Theme Music / Official Audio Music ]

New Music again "Haii Yoroshiku" Album... after "Voice of Distant Feeling" but Duration of this Music it's very Short, just 2 Minute.
I don't know, i don't have more inspiration for make this idea to be long music...

I Try to give some melody, but finally that melody it's not match with main IDEA of that music.

Why give name this Music "Break the Cycle of Laziness"?
Cause, I'm lazy to make music this week, maybe cause I'm too busy working this week.

But for some reason those notes floated in my mind, so I wrote them into music.

Voice of Distant Feeling 【 ATKUR KASTARA 】 [ Original Theme Music / Official Audio Music ]

Haii Yoroshiku! 2nd, Yeah "Voice of Distant Feeling" Out Now! After 1st "Roman Tigue" , this is Easy Listening than Roman Tigue https://youtu.be/G9Q0U-34hpg .

The Story it's Two People with Voice of Distant Feeling..

I'd like to make Theme Music for Movie maybe my Original Movie... ^_^

Roman Tigue 'ORBIT' 【 ATKUR KASTARA 】 [ Original Theme Music / Official Audio Music ]

Dear Friend... in Around this World, I'll try to make New Music... combine some music with epic, electro, etnic traditional or many other.... this Called Multi Genre. Let's dance your mind..

This Fiction Story.... The Story is.. 

when Altur and his sister Sharen and brother Ibra from planet ages which had been destroyed because of the greed of its inhabitants, and the three brothers found a forbidden diamond that could teleport them to another galaxy, and they were teleported to Earth.
The three of them separated to various regions in the hemisphere.
As it turned out, Altur fell right at Tugu Muda Semarang, and met Atkur who was currently riding a bicycle.

This Music Compose is following my mind...
I want create New Fresh Album... after "New Compose Album" as my First Try on Music Maker Journey... it is... "Haii Yoroshiku!" this Music it's 1st on "Haii Yoroshiku" Playlist or Album.

I hope You Enjoy

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