Can I Play This?


When you walk alone


You feel

There is no one people want to be your friends..

In the world

with the storm thunder... with the rain..

It's so dark


it's mean 'What You See What You Listen What You Get' 

Can I Play This?

Hi my name Atkur Kastara from Indonesian, welcome to our official channel and this WYSWYLWYG Piano it's original piano music by me. 

I would like to see your comment here 🙂 (Wherever you are) 'how do you think about my music' , so let's comment.. cause I can not rate my own music. Here I still learning about how to make better music.

Copyright Music Piano control @atkurkastara

Write and Composed by Atkur Kastara

Made in Indonesian.

Music of the years in this world..

come join to our world.. 🙂

New Years 2021

yeah.. this is WYSWYLWYG in Jan 2021...

Thanks for listening...

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Thanks for Join to My Music World, I hope you Enjoy

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