Nice to Meet You [ Calm Piano #1 ] Relaxing BGM Music


"Everyone can meet someone many times ... but sometimes only a few meetings remain and even the most important ones make us grateful to have met that person." - Atkur Kastara.

" Setiap orang dapat berkali kali bertemu dengan seseorang, ya... tetapi terkadang hanya beberapa pertemuan yang membekas dan bahkan pertemuan yang paling penting membuat kita bersyukur pernah bertemu dengan seseorang itu. "


This is part of the "Calm Piano" Project ...

So I play it in my spare time, when work is done.

Hopefully you can enjoy it and this isn't too bad.

This is the first time I buy a piano, a dream a few years ago, because... I only used the computer keyboard to play music on everyone piano. I am very grateful because the software made me understand a little about how to play the piano.


Nothing Fancy, Complicated, or Breathtaking... This is just simple piano background music for make your emotion calm, relaxation, meditation or just easy listening.

Enjoy My Music Bro...


💿 Track information:

 📌 Title: Nice to Meet You  [ Calm Piano #1 ]

 📌 Player: Atkur Kastara

 📌 Element Music : Wind and Water



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Original Music written and composed by Atkur Kastara


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Element Music : Wind and Water

Thanks for Join to My Music World, I hope you Enjoy

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