"Sarangan Lake" [ Calm Piano #6 ] Relaxing BGM Music


This Night, I Remember when September 2019, I go to Sarangan Lake on East Java Indonesia (with Coworker). Try to Riding Boat around this Lake. 

How I Feel is Enjoy, relaxing and Fresh my mind.

This is Beautiful and Wonderful Place. 

Telaga Sarangan, also known as Telaga Pasir, is a natural lake that is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level and is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, Plaosan District, Magetan Regency, East Java. This lake is about 16 kilometers west of Magetan city. it is about 30 hectares wide and 28 meters deep, with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

This is part of the "Calm Piano" Project ...

So I play it in my spare time, when work is done.

Hopefully you can enjoy it and this isn't too bad.


Nothing Fancy, Complicated, or Breathtaking... This is just simple piano background music for make your emotion calm, relaxation, meditation or just easy listening.

Enjoy My Music Bro...


💿 Track information:

 📌 Music Title: Sarangan Lake

 📌 Player: Atkur Kastara

📌 Element Music : Wind and Water



Official Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/track/4UVfu5jNXKWnzgqfdfEddn?si=8kU9hIMwS9CrqbL8Eo_VSQ


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Element Music : Wind and Water

Thanks for Join to My Music World, I hope you Enjoy


© Copyright:

Original Music written and composed by Atkur Kastara

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