How to Overcome Forgetting to Record in Fl Studio

When you compose music on your piano using a midi controller, you forget to record in fl studio. Don't worry, you can use this method to restore what you have written.

The method :

1. You can head to the piano roll, make sure you are on piano roll FL Studio

piano roll fl studio
piano roll

because here later we will use it to restore the notes we wrote with the previous midi controller, when you forget to record your action.

2. Please go to the tool menu FL Studio

dump log fl studio
dump log

Please click the tool menu, after going to the Score Logger section, select Dump Score Log to Selected Pattern, after that you can choose the log duration you need.

Please choose the longest, which is 30 minutes, to ensure that what you write can be returned a lot.

that's the way to restore the score you forgot to record. hopefully useful for you.

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