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Here i will show you about ID Card Design, yeah i'd like graphic design and this is a part of this. ID CARD (Identity Card) or commonly called ID Card is one of the breakthroughs in the world of work, the size of this ID card can be entered in the wallet and is useful to make a scope of activity more friendly. with ID cards we can know each other's names without even getting acquainted. can find out the position without asking, etc. it all depends on the type of id card and information in the id card.

Now, ID cards is very important role. where all countries provide standard conditions for the formation of performances requiring the use of an id card. One type of ID card that we must have is a resident card. its function is to prove that we are a legitimate society in this Indonesian state.

KTP / E KTP Size | In Indonesia, we have used an e-mail or e-mail card that is in conformity with the ISO 7810 standard. So KTP has a length of 85.60mm x Width of 53.98mm. for ID card size in cm is 8.56cm x 53.98cm. While the size of the ID card in pixels is 1011 x 638 pixels

To create an id card, there are several steps that we must pass. First I have to design the ID card, including the size of the ID card, whether it's using the Photoshop application or Corel Draw. then prepare biodata to fill in the id card. then use print to start producing it by printing one by one.

Here Standard of ID Card that i know in indonesian with ISO/IEC 7810 reference.

  • ID-1  = 85.60mm x 53.98mm. its features have rounded corners. This standard size is commonly used for Atm cards, Debit cards, name cards, committee ID cards and others.
  • ID-2 : 105mm x 74mm ( used for the standard resident card, called KTP ).
  • ID-3 : 125mm x 88mm, used for passport cards and visas.
  • ID-4 or ID -000 : 25mm x 15mm, function for Driving License cards (SIM) with their trademark having a cut corner.

Co Card or Name Tag

We Also know about Name Tag or CO Card Tag that used in event, name tags are usually used for an event as a sign of participants etc. Name tags have varying sizes, including: 9.7cm x 13.7cm, 9.5cm x 11.9cm, 8.1cm x 11.2cm, 5.8cm x 8.6cm.

  • B1 Id Card Size 102 x 65 mm
  • B2 Id Card Size 126 x 79 mm
  • B3 Id Card size 126 x 95 mm
  • B4 Id Card Size 155 x 106 mm
  • ID Card Size A1 100 x 68 mm (landscape)
  • ID Card Size A2 106 x 82 mm (landscape)

Bussiness Card or Name Card

Business cards (name cards) are identification cards that contain a person's identity. business cards are usually used for businesses, so that it is easier to do business with their relationships. business cards are often used by directors, managers and important people in the company. so that when meeting other people, you can immediately provide the ID.
The most commonly used business card sizes in Indonesia are 90mm x 55mm and 80mm x 53mm. for the size of a business card in cm is 9cm x 5.5cm, whereas in pixels is 1063 x 650 pixels according to 300 dpi.

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Hopefully what I give this time can be useful. if there is a mistake please forgive me. thank you - Assalamualaikum.

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