Learn about 5 Camera Angle in Photography Art

I'd like photography and with small devices that i have befor such as DSLR Canon D1000 and My Cute SAMSUNG Galaxy J4 Camera.. i can get wonderful, interesting and beautiful image...! perfect!! ^_^

Now i will writting about How about Camera Angle?? this is a basic lesson that I learned in the art of photography before other than technical on the camera, Cause this is what distinguishes photographers from one another

I Think fro some reference "Camera Angle is a shooting technique from a certain point of view. The angle of shooting or angle camera is the angle of placement of the camera when shooting an object. With an attractive angle, we can get an interesting picture, with a unique perspective and create a certain image."

in other reference like Wikipedia, " The camera angle marks the specific location at which the movie camera or video camera is placed to take a shot. A scene may be shot from several camera angles simultaneously. This will give a different experience and sometimes emotion. The different camera angles will have different effects on the viewer and how they perceive the scene that is shot. There are a few different routes that a camera operator could take to achieve this effect. The typical shot measurements unit is the milliframe. Milliframes are used to calculate how much the shot should be moved to perfect the camera angles. One milliframe (mF) equals about .328cm (0.129 inches). However, the exact size of a milliframe is almost impossible to calculate since it is not a physical measurement. "

The camera angle used to take pictures of an object will affect the attitude of the audience. Intercut between High Angle and Low Angle from someone will show the influence that is meant by the impression of psychology.

There are five techniques for shooting angles that are usually done by a cameraman or photographer when they want to take pictures of an object.

The five techniques, such as:

1. Bird Eye View (Bird's Eye View)

            The Bird Eye View technique is a technique of taking pictures that is done with the camera's position higher than the object taken. The results will show a wide range of environments, and other objects appear small and scattered. Taking this kind of picture does not have a certain height, but rather needs and occasionally found shooting, which usually uses helicopters or from tall buildings.

2. High Angle

            High Angle is the angle of shooting right above the object, so it appears exposed from the top.
The position of the camera is higher above the eye of the object to be taken, so the camera must be tilted down to take the object.
Shooting techniques like this give the impression of being short, small, low, despicable, feeling lonely, lacking in passion, and subordinate.

3. Normal Angle (Eye Level)

            Normal Angle is the angle of shooting that shows the position of the camera parallel to the eye height of the object taken. The result shows a person's eyesight. This technique does not have a dramatic impression, but a fair impression.

4. Low Angle (Frog Eye View)

            Low Angle is a technique of shooting from under an object, such as a frog's eye view. This shooting angle is the opposite of the High Angle. The impression that is generated from that point of view is grandeur, power, strong, dominant, and dynamic.

5. Over Shoulder

Sumber : Focused Collection

            Over Shoulder is the angle of shooting from behind the shoulder of one object. This shot became an alternative to shooting Two Shot Objects that were in dialogue.

Yeah, actually there are still many variations from the angle of taking photos, but the 5 shooting angles above are the main ones like Basic Learning about Camera Angle.

Hopefully what I give this time can be useful. if there is a mistake please forgive me. thank you - Assalamualaikum.

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