What is Annual Report in Graphic Design?

There is so many product in Graphic Design... so Graphic Design Everywhere...Whenever u need it.. ^_^ , Yesterday.. we blogging about ID Card Design Artwork with Standard Size for Printing... and now we will learn about Annual Report Design... ciiiks Awesome Graphic Design Product!!
Annual Report annual report is one of them :D

Annual report is a report of the progress and achievements achieved by an organization in one year. Accurate data is the basis for preparing annual reports. The annual report summarizes the financial statements and achievements of a company within a period of one year.

Annual Report Size is International A4 (210 x 297mm) with 3mm bleed and US letter (8.5 x 11 inches) with 0.125 inches bleed.

Basically the function of the annual report is as:
  •     information on the achievement of the company in one year
  •     creative marketing media through writing integrity and design
  •     increase the attractiveness of the company in the eyes of consumers
  •     complete document that presents the company's income statement
  •     explain the jobdesc and the functions of each field of work.

but with graphic design capabilities, we can design an annual report to be more interesting by combining graphic art like this...

Awesome!! Beautiful!!

There are 2 types of designs for the annual report, in the form of cover designs only or the overall annual report design.

so u can choose on of them... that u need ^_^

Hopefully what I give this time can be useful. if there is a mistake please forgive me. thank you - Assalamualaikum.

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