I learn How to Communicate with new People

Communication is the most important medium in interacting in society. With communication we can express our opinions and express all our feelings to others. Many people are sad and disappointed in their lives because they have difficulty expressing themselves and choosing to harbor it themselves like a treasure in the ocean.

Sometimes we feel confused and awkward when dealing with people we just know. For some people whose profession requires him to deal with new people, they must practice their communication skills in order to establish good relationships as well.

Here are 5 tips on how to best communicate with new people:

1. Start from simple words or simple questions

Ask about simple things. Do not be too serious, such as: "Today is very hot!", "What time is it now?", "Ouch, the length of the queue!", And so on. This method is quite effective to start a conversation after getting responses from the other person, then continue the conversation.

2. Provide questions that trigger the person's interest

Ask questions that lead to their interest in communicating, such as: "I have a boarding house in the Dieng area with 10 standard rooms and 3 VIP rooms." Please respond immediately to the following questions: "Where is Japan? Is it from here still far to go to your guest? Who rents your lodging? Do you have any other job besides an inn?" By asking questions like that will make the new person more interested in talking to you. Basically, humans tend to want to boast of themselves. Therefore, the question with the topic of themselves is the right topic to discuss. As humans we would also want to boast and talk about ourselves, but for this situation is better.

3. Make him discuss about himself

Look for topics they really know about themselves. Ask questions such as: "Where is your home?", "What is your job?", "Where are you from?", "Where are you studying?" Questions like these are very appropriate to use as a good conversation opening. With questions like that will make them interested to talk with you and after that do not forget to get acquainted with the new person.

4. Pay attention to them with old eye contact

Give them eye contact as they talk to you. It signifies that you pay attention and listen to what they are talking about, but remember not too much when looking at them, because it can actually cause them to feel uncomfortable with you.

5. Tell about yourself when asked

This is the right time for you to tell about yourself. Tell me about yourself, but do not overdo your self-identity. Let the person ask about your life.

Okay .. that's 5 Tips for you when about to communicate with new acquaintances. Hopefully this article useful and do not forget to follow our blog, To get the latest Update. Thanks.

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