I learn How to Rise Up Everytime When We Fail

Fail, sometimes becomes a big problem for most people, when we are hit by a failure, whether in the business world or in everyday life. Sometimes it makes people depressed.

Well, for my friends who are currently getting a failure, here I share tips on how I normally use to rise from failure.

1. Remember that you are not the only one who has experienced failure.

When the loss is very reasonable actually if you feel a failure. Certainly the trip pioneering business that is not easy to make you disappointed should feel the experience. Passing through periods of sadness or even depression are also commonplace felt by failed entrepreneurs maintaining its business. But the thing you need to remember is that failure can happen to anyone only. The big businessmen have experienced it

2. Your current failure is not a full future projection.

Do not ever despair and assume if you fail it means the price is dead forever. Because if we believe that there is no eternal success, so is failure. Believe there will always be a first, second, third, and so on. As long as you want to try, the chance to succeed will surely open.

3. Be sad not because you failed but sad if your efforts before the failure

happened was still lacking. If failure comes after we have done our best, then it is called a positive failure. But if it fails because we are less trying then it is called total failure.

4. Evaluate all things within and outside of self.

Fix yourself in time set, fix how to communicate, improve how to learn, improve how to make decisions, improve how to address problems. For this, maybe with help psychologists will be easier to do.

5. God never prepares anyone to be a failed man.

Everyone on earth has never been destined with destiny to become a failed human being, as well as you. Although God allows the trouble to come does not mean it is a sign that life chose you to be a failed person.

6. Expand prayer, thanksgiving and charity worship.

A prayer, when viewed from the Godhead, is a message of supplication to the Almighty One. But if viewed from the side of psychology, prayer is a force that can make us always have hope. Gratitude is also a surefire way to make us happy. While the worship of worship is a way to accelerate our success. Because of the prayer of the people, what needs help is the most powerful prayer in the world.

7. Simply sad and regret the longest one day.

Often a person at the time of failure, will experience excessive sadness and there may be a deep sense of remorse. It is natural to happen. But if we want to succeed, we are forbidden to grieve and regret more than a day. If we are sad and feel sorry for a long time, then we have wasted a lot of time and chances of success coming because in times of grief, one can not do anything but grieve.

8. Failure is the best teacher that allows you to do something even better in the future.

You've heard the proverb that says, "Experience is the best teacher." Yes, it must be admitted or not that in general people will indeed learn more from an experience. So it is with failure that is an experience that will make anyone grow to be a better person. From here one can proceed to become a businessman who can be that much more professional.

Okay, I JUST SHARING .. thank you for reading.. ^_^

I'm Atkur Kastara
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